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About Mismon

More About Mismon?

Mismon is here as one of the top IPL devices all around the globe, redefining the concept of laser hair removal and providing a whole handy laser clinic for all women. 


Mismon’s goal goes beyond hair removal, since we believe that privacy is a right, not a privilege, and we also believe that all women deserve healthy skin, regardless their skin type or colour.


Mismon is on a daily mission towards providing superior quality IPL devices that fulfils all women’s needs when it comes to hair removal and substitutes laser clinics, with higher efficiency and extra comfort.



We consider ourselves accountable for your skin, time and satisfaction, and we promise you a result that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.


No more invaded privacy and discomfort in laser hair removal clinics, from now on, you will get all your body hair removed in your home, privately and comfortably.


Never worry about your skin! Mismon guarantees you desired results while keeping your skin safe and protected from any side effects or pain.