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Mismon IPL Device

An integrated laser hair removal clinic in your hands provides you with permanent hair removal from different body parts regardless of your skin color and type through a special lens for each area.

Original price was: ر.س 1,499.Current price is: ر.س 750.

License Certification

Mismon is authorized by the Saudi and American Food and Drug Authority


Delivery to shipping partners or delegates within 24 hours, delivery within 24 hours through our representatives, and within 3-4 working days through shipping companies (free delivery to Gulf countries)

Secure Payment

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Two years warranty - including free maintenance and replacement in case of manufacturing defects.

Device Description

 Mismon is a whole laser clinic at your home! 

Size: 33 x 23 x 10 cm / Country of Origin: China / Assembly Country : China 

IPL technology

IPL technology relies on using a focused beam of light to the targeted area for hair removal, which leads to the weakening of the hair follicles in that area, and thus to gradual hair loss.

Interchangeable lenses

-Mismon is equipped with Remove this dash primary lens equivalent to 300,000 flashes, enough for more than 300 sessions, with the ability to exchange lenses while the flashes run out.

Follow up with female specialists

Follow-up with female specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will be in contact with the team of Mismon specialists through WhatsApp, to guide you step by step since purchasing the device, to achieve the desired results with ease.

5 energy levels

Mismon is suitable for a wide range of skin tones, and you can determine the appropriate level for your skin with Mismons’ specialists.

The most important features of the mismonsa device

How to use Mismon?

– Make sure to use the razors 24 hours before use.

– Remove all makeup and moisturize your skin.
-Make sure that the device is connected to electricity and that the degree that suits your skin is reached.

– To protect your eyes, wear the glasses that come with your Mismon device.

What do you find in Mismon Box?


= Mismon device comes with a primary lens used for the entire body, face and sensitive areas, and if the lenses are over, you can request an additional lens.

es, Mismon guarantees the same result as the clinics, and there is a specialist who follows up with you and answers all your questions and inquiries.

Results of the device begins to appear from the fourth session.

The pain caused by Mismon device is very slight to the point of being negligible.

Yes, it is preferable to moisturize after each session, and the suitable cream is determined with the specialist.

Yes, it is okay, as each person can use a special lens.

Yes, as the device is equipped with IPL technology.

es, Mismon reduces pores and removes the hair under the skin.


Fast delivery

Fast delivery to all Gulf countries and all countries of the world

Flexible return policy

The customer can return the product within 3 days from the date of purchase

secure payment

Visa - Mastercard - PayPal - STC Pay - Tabby