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terms and conditions

Public use and ownership
The (employer) possesses the data preserved on computers and other electronic devices, owned or leased by the enterprise, or by a third party, and it must be ascertained through legal or technical means that ownership information is protected in accordance with the data protection standard.
It is your responsibility to report theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of ownership information related to the enterprise.
Access, use or sharing of proprietary information is permitted only within the limits of what is authorized and necessary to meet the requirements of the assigned function.
Each staff member is responsible for applying the standards for the security use of electronic devices under the post. Each department is responsible for developing guidelines on the optimal personal use of systems within the Organization. Staff members must be guided by the Department’s policies on personal use and consult their supervisors or managers.
Authorized personnel may monitor equipment, systems and network traffic at any time for security and network maintenance purposes in accordance with the control policy and audit policy.
The Employer reserves its right to periodically check networks and systems to ensure compliance with this policy.

Property Information
All mobile devices and enterprise-owned computers connected to the Internet must adhere to the access control policy.
Passwords for systems and user must comply with the password policy, and access to another person is forbidden intentionally or by failing to secure access.
All computers must be secured using a password-protected stop screen with automatic activation feature set to 10 minutes or less, you must lock the screen or log out when the device is unattended/unused.
Publishing through employees using the organization’s e-mail must include a disclaimer that their opinion does not represent the opinion (of the employer) but expresses their personal view only in relation to the work assignments.

Unacceptable use
Generally, it is prohibited to engage in the following activities, and staff may be exempted from these restrictions while discharging their authorized functional responsibilities (for example, systems management staff may need to disrupt the network’s access to the host, if that host obstructs services affecting production).
Under no circumstances is an employee of (the employer) permitted to deal with any illegal activity under domestic or international law while using (the employer’s) resources. The lists below are in no way expanded, but are an attempt to establish a general framework for activities falling under the category of unacceptable uses.